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hope you enjoy scrolling through my web-site. Look upon it as a scrapbook of some of the things that interest me. I hope you find them interesting too. From time to time more pages will be added, as they were in an old-fashioned scrapbook. These pages aim to be small snapshots of time. My hope is that you will find them reflecting aspects of the lives lived by some of your ancestors: their living standards, their work, the places where they lived. As far as I can, I have used contemporary accounts and illustrations. Some are from diaries, some from accounts of travel, some from newspapers, and some from the novels and literature of the time. Writers such as Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Gaskell observed and experienced at first hand the harsh conditions of their times. Some of their novels were written not just to entertain, but to try to change public attitudes to the lives of the poor.

If you have enjoyed looking at my web site, you might be tempted to email me and ask me to undertake some research on your behalf, perhaps into the history of your house or family, or the background to a book you are writing.

The searches I have undertaken in the past have involved reading original, handwritten documents from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries in several Archives and Libraries in the East Midlands and in London. I also seek out published books, illustrations, photographs and newspapers, all of which can contain relevant information.

Please email me if you have any comments.

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